Raising Spirits to the Castle in the Sky

By: WGS posted Feb 15th 2019 04:27PM

Learning about things can get you started on a whole new journey that leads to great things. Zerlina Zhuang, founder of Spirits Castle, can attest to that. As a passionate whisky drinker, she believes that the only way to grow the whisky scene in Singapore is to bring in new and unique whiskies from all over the world and introduce them to others. When she started a whisky blog in 2017, she did not know much about the production of whisky other than knowing how much she loved the different varieties.

Taking the time to teach herself the ins and outs of whisky production, Zerlina learnt so much about whisky that she can hold up her own in a conversation about whisky with other fellow whisky enthusiasts. More importantly, she, along with a dedicated team, started Spirits Castle, a company that focuses on importing and distributing unique and new whiskies and spirits in Singapore. Their mission is to offer excellent whiskies and spirits at affordable prices in Singapore, while to nurture and grow the whisky community through events, activities, and the Whisky Club, where whisky lovers can gather and share about whisky.

Spirits Castle is currently the sole distributor for Penderyn distillery in Singapore, as well as Home Need WIne and Spirits (HNWS), The Whiskyfind, and Spirits Salon, who are all whisky bottlers from Taiwan. They are also looking into bringing in rum from The Netherlands.

Spirits Castle is the one of the official partners for the year's World Gourmet Summit 2019. To find out more about their work, please go to their website at https://spiritscastle.sg/


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