Parliament: New agency will strengthen Singapore's food security, says Masagos

By: CWA posted Feb 15th 2019 02:17PM

Singapore’s new food regulator will be ensuring the food security of Singapore by taking three national strategies and developing them further.

Setting out the Singapore Food Agency's (SFA) priorities in Parliament on Tuesday (Feb 12), Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli presented these ideas during the debate on a Bill that will pave the way for its formation on April 1 to oversee food safety and security.

Stressing that food security is fundamental to Singapore's national security, Mr Masagos said Singapore must not be overreliant on any single food source, recounting Malaysia’s announcement last December that it was considering limiting or stopping egg exports, and restricting exports of certain types of seafood. It will not be the last time that Singapore faces possible disruption to its food imports, he concluded.

"With the formation of SFA, we will continue to strengthen Singapore's food security and reduce our vulnerability to external volatility and price hikes," he said. "SFA will also continue to partner other government agencies to ensure basic food items remain affordable."

For more information on how Singapore plans to target and develop these strategies, please go to The Straits Times to read more.

Thumnail photo credits: Straits Times

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