Impossible To Fail

By: CWA posted Mar 15th 2019 02:30PM

Impossible Meats has been making waves worldwide: the promise to reduce red meat consumption through the use of a patty made out of plant-based protein.

Impossible Meats recently launched in Singapore to huge success, and it’s the word on every gourmand and influencer’s lips: a vegan patty that can match up to the taste of pork and beef.  Companies believe in the success of the product: with investors such as government investment firm Temasek Holdings getting involved.

To founder and company CEO Pat Brown, opening in Singapore was a no-brainer.  “It is a place where people are obsessed with food, and where every kind of Asian as well as European cuisine comes together. It is one of the couple of world centres of culinary innovation, so it gives us an opportunity to introduce our product to Asia in a way where we’ll be highlighted in the full spectrum of Asian cuisine.”

Of course, the idea of vegan meat substitutes is not new: other companies like Beyond Meat and Omnipork have recently launched in the Asian market as well. But Brown doesn’t see it as an issue.

“It would be stupid for us to think of other [meat-free] companies as competitors. If we take a customer from them it does nothing for our mission—it’ll only take away from a tiny market. We need to grow the market together.”

To learn more about what Impossible Meats founder Pat Brown spoke about during the launch in Singapore, please go to Eco-Business to learn more. .

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