Geeking Out About Greece at Bakalaki Green Taverna

by WGS @ 10 May 2019
Geeking Out About Greece at Bakalaki Green Taverna The luncheon, which was organised solely to host media partners as well as other content creators from Instagram, radio and video channels, served as a way to introduce Greek cuisine to those new to the culture and cuisine. 

Before the event, representatives of the World Gourmet Summit took the opportunity to thank the Bakalaki Greek Taverna team for their support of the World Gourmet Summit activities, as well as their efforts for putting this luncheon together. The luncheon, conceptualised by the Bakalaki team led by Chef Spiros Palaiologos, served authentic Greek cuisine to members of the table in sharing portions, encouraging guests to mingle and bond over the eating process. 

Dishes include filo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese,  red snapper cooked to perfection, and octopus. Mains also included sharing portions of beef, lamb rack and feta salad, with Chef Spiros Palaiologos taking the opportunity to explain them. Each course was paired with wines.