Impossible Asian Foods

By: CWA posted May 13th 2019 03:08PM

With Impossible Meats launching in Singapore, some may ask if there are establishments that have been using the plant-based meats to create something other than the easily used Western burger format. Here are two places who have been using the ingredient in Asian-inspired dishes. 

Newly opened at Robertson Quay, Botany’s Cassandra Riene Tan’s goal was to introduce more vegan and vegetarian options in the menu. This included Impossible Foods. While she and her team did go the conventional route of using the plant-based meat in a burger, she also wanted to expand the list of ways she could use the meat. Thus, the Impossible Meat Mapo Silken Tofu was born. Made with Japanese rice, and topped off with a sous-vide egg, you will be hard pressed to tell that the item in question is not actually made of chicken!

Located at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Empress was one of the first few restaurants that launched with Impossible Meats, and was one of the first restaurants in Singapore to feature the menu item for Chinese food. This include appetisers such as crispy pancakes stuffed with mince, pan-fried gyozas and black pepper meatball skewers, as well as in mains, such as Sichuan mapo tofu and fried kuay teow.

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