For the Sake of Sake

By: CWA posted May 31st 2019 03:32PM

What goes into a good sake? How do the Japanese masters get the best of ingredients to create the best sake? Sohomare Sake, owned and operated by the Kono family since its inception in 1872, took the time to conduct a small masterclass and tasting for interested members who wanted to know more about how sake is brewed in the small, family owned company.

In the masterclass, Mr Jun Kono, owner and the 5th generation of the Kono family, took lead in the class to demonstrate the different types of sake that Sohomare Sake brews, with variations of them tested to explore how different they were.

With Mr Kono giving a presentation on how Sohomare uses the finest Yamada-nishiki rice and hand-brewed using the old traditional Kimoto method, guests got a more personalised understanding of how sake is made, and ask anything theu ever wanted to ask aboout sake.

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