A Chilling Journey with Electrolux!

By: CWA posted Jun 07th 2019 03:20PM

Electrolux is the name you think about when you think about quality kitchen ware, and the company has recently launched a new line of chillers borne from the company’s 30 years of experience in engineering and developing top performing, super intuitive blast chillers.

The SkyLine ChillS Blast Chillers range uses a breakthrough combination of smart technology and human-centered design, based on the company’s 30 years of strong experience in blast chillers.

With efficient, superb chilling performance, intuitiveness, the SkyLine Chill Blast Chillers range is unmatched in efficient usability, and promises uncompromising food quality and full safety, energy savings, reduced running costs and a faster, smoother kitchen workflow and service. Moreover, SkyLine ChillS is the first ever blast chiller to receive the 4-star certification for ergonomics.

“The SkyLine ChillS Blast Chillers are based on three solid roots,” says Alberto Pezzutto, Head of Cook&Chill Category at Electrolux Professional.” They are made for performance, ensuring superb chilling results with perfect food quality and full safety; they are made for business, providing record-breaking profits up to €2.000/month with the Cook&Chill solution; and reduced environmental impact (the use of the R452A gas guarantees up to 45% *decrease in carbon dioxide emissions, that is equivalent to 50,000 football fields planted with pine trees); and they are made for you, making your workflow stress-free and allowing you to take back your time.” 
With a touch screen interface that’s designed to be user-friendly and designed to ensure total control at your fingertips, choose between 3 different cooking modes – manual, programs, automatic – with just one touch, and proceed to ensure the best of what you need for the kitchen. Special mentions go towards their three special LiteHot cycles: Chocolate, Retarded Proving and Thawing, perfect for chocolate tempering, bread proving and retarding proving, and fast thawing of frozen food respectively.

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