International Chef's Day: What Can YOU Do This Year?

By: CWA posted Jul 19th 2019 10:44AM

International Chefs Day is almost here!
International Chefs Day 2019 is coming down soon and to prep for the day, take the opportunity to look towards the new generation of chefs to come. Making a difference in the communities you are around would be a great way to start. After all, food fuels people.

So how can you do so this International Chef’s Day this 20th October? By making healthy eating fun and exciting for children, of course! This year’s campaign theme is, “How Healthy Food Works!” Once again, made possible by their partner Nestlé Professional.

Go to, and download tried and tested recipes that are healthy and great for children, and take the opportunity to perhaps launch an International Chefs Day 2019 Super Workshop, or even a party.

What else can you do to help create an International Chefs Day 2019 Party?  

- Contact a local culinary school kitchen and get their students involved to help you.
- Reach out to your local public or private schools. Get the cafeteria supervisor involved and do this together with students.
- Reach out to your local chef’s association for other suggestions or venues they can give you access to without having to pay rental fees, or for basic utensils and equipment.
- Or, simply share your knowledge and cook with your children in your very own kitchen and invite their neighborhood friends.

International Chef’s Day was created in 2004 by Dr. Bill Gallagher to celebrate chefs and pass down knowledge and culinary skills of the profession to children, and any activity you create will help fuel the imaginations and creativity of children who might one day take on the profession.


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