Indulge Loved Ones with Luxurious Artisan Chocolates This Christmas

Indulge Loved Ones with Luxurious Artisan Chocolates This Christmas 'Splash your world with colours!' said the greeting card in Christmas hamper by Janice Wong. Featuring a specially curated range of colourful products, this hamper will surely delight any chocolate or dessert lover!

Choose from the diverse range of gifts, from Christmas cookies like biscotti to red velvet cookies, to chocolate lollipops and even creme brulee tea. Prices of the different hampers start at SGD150, and will definitely make the perfect gift this holiday season.

Photo Credits: Cuisine & Wine Asia

Don't want a hamper? Chef Wong has got you covered with a box of neon Christmas chocolates. The box of 25 we tried included interesting flavours like BBQ Roast Pork and Chilli Padi, to Christmas themed flavours like gingerbread and peppermint. These chocolates come in 3 variations - box of 9, 16 or 25, and irregardless of the quanitity, will be a big hit at parties, especially for the late-night chocolate cravings!

Not only are these desserts a sweet treat, these gifts are also perfect for the gram', showcasing Chef Wong's creative flair of infusing art to food, hurry and get your gifts now!

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