A Joy to Read with Caperberry: The Cookbook

A Joy to Read with Caperberry: The Cookbook Many foodies in India would know of the restaurant Caperberry, one of the most innovative restaurants specialising in Indian, Spanish, and Mediterranean cuisine. Since March 2009, the restaurant has built a reputation as one of the most respected fine dining restaurants in India, based on the principles of the multi-sensory dining experience.

This is due to the work of Chef Abhijit Saha, who after working 18 long years in the kitchen, wanted to create a restaurant that was special. Caperberry was the result of that long work and after over a decade of making it the place to be, Chef Saha and his team have come up with the best way to commemorate the occasion: Caperberry the Cookbook, unveiled earlier this year.

This is a proud achievement for the Chef and his team, who have been supporters of the World Gourmet Summit for a long while, and has dazzled visitors abroad during the 2015 and 2016 editions of the event. The book, which has been a labour of love for the team, is a testament to Caperberry’s presence as the place to be in India, while cementing its legacy.

Part cookbook, historical record, and memoir rolled into one, Caperberry the Cookbook is one to take back for your own home. Whether you’re a foodie, interested in learning about ingredients, or if you want to be a chef, Chef Saha’s book is a masterpiece.