Convotherm maxx: The Oven For Your Needs

Convotherm maxx: The Oven For Your Needs

Whether you're a restaurateur or in the comprehensive food service or snack business, success depends on a number of factors: The right concept, ideal timing – and, of consummate importance, the right product with modern technology. The fine art of technical design is embodied in the Convotherm maxx. The Convotherm maxx is the result of many years of experience as a premium manufacturer and demonstrates that modern technical design must be measured by how easily tasks can be carried out. This is exactly what the new combi oven delivers: It offers precisely what chefs need to obtain optimal results. The Convotherm maxx represents the new generation of combi ovens with the most advanced technology. 

• Touchscreen display: The new 7-inch TFT HiRes glass touch display delivers brilliant images, and with its scroll feature and pictograms, it is as easy and intuitive to operate as
a smartphone.

• HygieniCare: The hygienic handles made of antibacterial and antimocrobial plastics reduce the multiplication of microorganisms.

• Energy efficient triple glass: This minimizes heat loses, which ensures lower energy consumption as well as a high level of safety and environmental friendliness.

• Additional shelf: The Convotherm maxx is available as a 6.10 or 10.10 and offers a greater capacity due to an additional shelf. This ensures more efficiency and speed thanks to optimal capacity utilization.

• LED lighting: The powerful and long-lived LED light strip is integrated into the appliance door and lights the interior.

The everyday routine in the kitchen is hard work: Everything has to go fast, the quality and the selection need to be top flight and unique. The functions developed by Convotherm and made available in the Convotherm maxx aid professional chefs in achieving consistently excellent performance: 

• Climate Management: The right climate in the cooking chamber is decisive for cooking and baking. Automatic or controlled individually – the Convotherm maxx ensures that every type of baked good or cooked food is reliably given the right amount of moisture, thanks to Self ClimateControl, the exceptionally sophisticated steam saturation control system. If crispy crusts are also required, Crisp&Tasty provides precisely metered hot air and moisture removal to ensure perfect results.

• Production Management: No matter whether fully automatic or in manual mode, whether single or mixed loads – many intelligent features, such as Press&Go, TrayView and TrayTimer, enable the Convotherm maxx to ensure that you maintain a total overview, even with the most complex processes, and to provide for efficient and stress-free workflows. Reliable data management and networked cooking are no longer an unattainable dream: With the WIFI or LAN interfaces, software updates or recipes can be uploaded centrally to several appliances or HACCP data can be retrieved.

• Quality Management: The best cooking and baking results are not a coincidence, but are instead the result of sophisticated technology. The Convotherm maxx offers refined sensor technology, exceptionally well-thought-out air flow, for example with Airflow Management, as well as an intelligent, individually programmable interaction of steam, hot air and time, which ensures optimal quality all the time. With the three-level BakePro baking function, users obtain an ideal, uniform cooking chamber climate for all baked products, no matter whether pre-proofed fresh, pre-proofed frozen or parbaked. What’s more, frozen baked goods do not need to be warmed or thawed. BakePro in the Convotherm maxx ensures optimal rising, ideal elasticity of the crumb and an optimal sheen.

• Cleaning Management: Cleanliness is indispensable in cooking and baking. That’s why the Convotherm maxx is equipped with ConvoClean, a fully automatic and especially simple, reliable and environmentally friendly cleaning system that is even certified for un-attended operation. In addition, the innovative HygieniCare package provides an extra plus for hygiene in the professional kitchen.

Optimal solutions for a successful future.
“The new Convotherm maxx was developed for all professional chefs who want modern technology and an ideal price/performance ratio. Especially in times when new investments must be examined critically, the Convotherm maxx is the perfect alternative. This all-rounder is powerful, long-lived and offers practical functions which meet the challenges of the new normal,