Lewin Terrace

by Clover Ng @ 30 Apr 2014
Lewin Terrace We thank you for your patience and we welcome you to be out guest at... Lewin Terrace! After months of sneak peaks, we are pleased to announce that Lewin Terrace has officially joined us in the Food & Beverage Industry to provide diners with a dining option/solution. You would probably remember the spot as the previous location for Flutes. Well with much of the design preserved for an elegant and tranquilizing outlook, Lewin Terrace is prepared to invite wedding couples in taking their wedding vows by the Al fresco terrace in the presence of friends anf families. Not only will you enjoy the serenity, the menu is to die for in making your wedding a unique one. Especially with Du Bois partnering with Lewin Terrace in providing a one of a kind wedding gift-Du Bois' newest perfume, Oud Couture. 

Dine in with Chef de Cuisine Ryoichi Kano as he prepares you with his well-learnt French cuisine techniques and the added Japanese elements like the pan-fried Japanese amadai served Ochazuke style. Chef Kano was trained under former Le Cordon Bleu teacher to perfect his French cooking. He later ventured into Italy where he learnt more about Italian techniques. Chef Kano has worked at various restaurants and the most memorable; working for Pacfic Venus, one of Japan's four largest cruise line.  
Also, enjoy the collection of wines and more with World Gourmet Series Awards Of Excellence 2013, Top Wines Sommelier of the Year, Daisuke Kawai! We have also requested Chef Kano to provide us with a recipe for our May-June 2014 issue! For his Japanese-French twist of recipe, grab a when it's out!