Ja Rule Cakes!

Ja Rule Cakes! The festive holidays at the end of the year often mean a few things: office parties, intimate family dinners, and fun gatherings at people’s houses. Hotels, thanks to their professional kitchens, pool of resources, and a killer marketing team, often have a bigger variety of cake options to offer occasions like this, under an overarching theme. These themes aren’t often the Winter Wonderland concepts that most establishments would traditionally go, but they certainly enchant all the same.

So what does it take to create distinctly different Christmas cakes while still appealing to those who love  a little whimsy? We asked Goodwood Park Hotel's Chef Joe Tan, D9 Cakery's Chef Cindy Khoo, and Royal Plaza on Scotts's  Chef Choo Eng Tat for their opinions creating these special delights.

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