Got Appetite?

Got Appetite? Imagine this: what do you get when you combine chefs, anthropologists, historians, journalists, artists and designers? You will probably yield a combination of documents, detailed research, analysis of history and geography. In 2018, Restaurant Nouri gathered these personalities to create a research arm with one common intention: a big appetite for the truth and more knowledge.

Aptly named ‘Appetite’ and led by Chef Ivan Brehm, Restaurant Nouri considers cooking as part of a larger system of interrelated and interdependent parts such as globalisation, critical culture, the environment, contemporary art and literature. With a thirst for more knowledge, Chef Brehm and his team challenge the predominant trends of cuisine today that is technically innovative and environmentally conscious.

The main goal of Appetite is described perfectly in the ‘Our Approach’ page – “If we can cook food that is culturally responsible, intellectually stimulating, and artistically original, we can elevate food discourse beyond its current status as a craft.”

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