The Meaty Issues

The Meaty Issues Thomas Foods International is a business that showcases the best of Australian meats from farmers and butchers and has a strong connection with chefs and customers looking for the best in their meat. We ask them a few pertinent questions regarding their quality control, the trust customers have with them, and eco-friendly measures they are taking to ensure sustainability efforts.

What makes Thomas Foods International so trusted by butchers and farmers in Australia?

Thomas Foods International (TFI) started from humble beginnings – two families trading livestock across South Australia. Today, TFI is Australia’s largest family owned food business, producing, processing and exporting red meat products to 85 countries as well as servicing the domestic red meat sector. Our roots are still firm in South Australia, with agricultural operations producing quality livestock and facilities processing livestock to feed families globally. Because we stand true to what we know, understand the highs and the lows of our industry and are working with our suppliers and customers, not against them, we maintain a strong relationship with Australian farmers and butchers.
Talk to us about the National Livestock Identification System and how Thomas Foods International is going a step further to ensure food safety and quality control.

The National Livestock Identification system (NLIS) is a platform that provides full life traceability of livestock throughout Australia. RFID tags are used for locational tracking with all data stored on the NLIS database. Currently, these tags are mandatory in cattle only.
In July 2019, TFI released their Livestock Assurance program the Thomas Family Guarantee (TFG) that has a strong emphasis on livestock traceability. As an important biosecurity control and tool for processors for tracing back to farm to rectify disease and livestock issues, traceability is an essential component to the integrity of the red meat industry. TFI will be working closely with producers to support the movement of RFID into smallstock.

What are some of the sustainability moves Thomas Foods International is involved in?

From a company perspective, TFI’s environmental manager works closely with company engineers and maintenance to employ procedures and technology to reduce power and water usage. Within the TFG, we are strongly supporting farmers to move towards a more sustainable operation through the recommendation of operational improvements on property, such as recycling and chemical drum musters. Planting trees for both salinity and erosion control, fencing off rivers and creeks, minimising fertilizer run off and chemical application and implementing ways to reduce and recycle water.

More information can be found in the TFG manual at livestock-suppliers/