Feed The World

Feed The World The World Gourmet Summit took the opportunity to collaborate with USA Rice to present some 250 beneficiaries of the Food Bank Singapore  diverse rice dishes. Created by chefs from restaurants like Gattopardo, Punjab Grill, KOMYUNITI and Tamarind Hill Restaurant, the rice dishes ranging from Italian, to Indian, to modern European and Thai.

This is a part of the Food Bank Singapore’s Feed the City Initiative, something that the team is working together with the phone app TangoTab. The Food Bank Singapore currently serves 350 beneficary charities, which consist of around 200,000 indviduals.

“Food insecurity is an issue that’s very hidden in Singapore,” says Jessie, a spokesperson for the Food Bank Singapore, “We want to highlight these issues as well as to provide food to the beneficiaries. No one should go hungry.”

The beneciaries, who numbered around 250 and ranging from a diverse age group, had the chance to dine at Tamarind Hill, sample rice dishes from these chefs, including those from Chef Benny Lim from KOMYUNITI and Chef Javed from Punjab Grill.

Chef Lim, who served up seafood laksa pesto fried rice with taupok crouton, admitted to that he had never heard about Food Bank Singapore before the event, but has taken to learning from the organization. “It’s not bad, it’s always good for hospitality groups to work in community service,” he explains.  

Chef Javed of Punjab Grill took the opportunity to prepare a dish of rice kebabs, stuffed with truffle and achari meal. “The US rice quality is nice quality to make our kebabs,” he says. “ This is the first time we have collaborated with the Food Bank Singapore, and I believe every restaurants should work together with them as there is an issue of food wastage in Singapore that we have to tackle,”