Fancy Some Chinese New Year Treats?

Fancy Some Chinese New Year Treats? Fans of Chef Janice Wong’s creations rejoice!

This Chinese New Year, one of Singapore’s most prominent pastry chefs, Chef Janice Wong has prepared treats to add on more festive vibes for you and your loved ones!

Assortment of Goodies. Photo Credits: Cuisine & Wine Asia

The highly anticipated treats include a variety of reinvented classic Chinese New Year snacks like the love letters – this time round, Chef Wong coats the delicacies with chocolate, becoming a must-try but all those with a sweet tooth.  The classic pineapple tarts are also coated in rich chocolate, a new reinterpretation that will delight anyone.

Chocolate Coated Nuts & Fruit Jellies. Photo Credits: Cuisine & Wine Asia

The chocolate coated nuts and fruit jellies are perfect for the celebrations as everyone can share! Featuring nine different flavours such as mandarin, apricot, strawberry and apple, these chocolate-coated nuts and crispies will be the cherry on top of the cake and complete any family celebration.

Chef Wong’s signature chocolate bars will also include two new flavours this festive season, mandarin orange and hae bee hiam. Each chocolate will also be beautifully hand-crafted and decorated with a splash of festive colours.

Mr. Rat Chocolate. Photo Credits: Cuisine & Wine Asia

To celebrate the year of the rat, Chef Wong introduces the CNY Special Mr. Rat Chocolate – a cute and playful rat made of chocolate! These are not only going to be adored by the little ones, but older relatives will also find Mr. Rat irresistibly cute, becoming the highlight of any celebration. Children will also be excited to open up Mr. Rat, as it also contains a surprise filling of cocoa almonds that everyone can enjoy together!

Chef Wong’s creations for this Chinese New Year will complete any festive celebration, and will be loved by everyone, young or old. All items are now available for orders online and in store.

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