Exsto Cognac Joins World Gourmet Summit as Cognac Partner

Exsto Cognac Joins World Gourmet Summit as  Cognac Partner The World Gourmet Summit is proud to present this year’s Cognac Partner:  Exsto Cognac.

The very first Cognac created in partnership by a master blender Géraud Vallantin-Dulac and one of the world’s Best Sommeliers Julie Dupouy, Exsto is inspired by centuries-old tradition and craft, for a new generation of drinkers. Headed by visionary Sabrina Duong, the team has reimagined Cognac with an exuberant, youthful French spirit infused with global inspiration. Ms Duong and Ms Dupouy wanted to develop a cognac that the younger generation, as well as other genders, would drink, and by reverse engineering the cognac, with a focus on what they liked, the result was two different blends: the Exsto Elixir ( a fruit forward cognac with notes of orchard and stone fruits intermingled with sweet spice in vanilla and cinnamon) and Exsto Cognac Or Impérial ( on the nose smelling like floral notes in rose petals, ginger flowers is a dead giveaway of top-quality eaux-de-vie from Grande-Champagne, and earthy dark chocolate, ground spices, and sweet honeyed tones)

Exsto Cognac is imported into Singapore through local heritage company Tai Thong Wine and Spirits (TTWS) and is available for purchase online