February's Wholesome, Delicious and Full of Joy at the World Gourmet Summit!

February's Wholesome, Delicious and Full of Joy at the World Gourmet Summit! Sometimes what you need is a meal that’s wholesome, delicious and full of joy. That’s when you decide to dine out at restaurants that can provide you with that kind of service.

The World Gourmet Summit (WGS) has that covered for you, and you can take the chance to dine there when you want, especially if you’re looking to hold an occasion. What's more? During the month of February these establishments are, in collaboration with WGS, creating the best culinary menu and promotion on the last week of that month.

Restaurant Buerre
WGS Promo Dates: 23 February – 29 February 2020 | Sunday – Saturday

“Butter is a key ingredient in my dishes. Although it is used differently in every dish, my food heavily employs and thrives on butter."

This is the quote Chef Darwin Wong gives when introducing Restaurant Buerre, the establishment that uses butter as a core component of their menu, so much so that the restaurant is named after it. With a minimalist concept, an open kitchen and delicious food, any trip to Buerre is a treat. Look out for dishes such as the 10-Day Butter-Aged Angus Ribeye & Escargot With Truffles.

Open Farm Community
23 February – 29 February 2020 | Sunday – Saturday

Ugly Feast
28 February 2020 | Friday

Open Farm Community is one of the most celebrated names in the community for restaurants who support local ingredients and sustainable food processes. Considering that it's run by Chef Oliver Truesdale-Jutras, that makes sense, as he is a huge proponent of ethical consumption. "Ethical consumption is not a wholly new thing, but it’s something that more people are paying attention to." says the chef, and his menus often change to reflect that.

This February, one of the key events to look out for is their Ugly Feast: a menu that is circled around 'ugly food' products that would otherwise be destroyed due to not reaching proper standards, paired with natural, eco-friendly wines and others. 

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