LeVeL33: A Higher Step to Flavours

LeVeL33: A Higher Step to Flavours LeVeL33 is best known as the world’s highest urban microbrewery, and much ink has been spilt on their brewed beers, the restaurant’s fine views atop the Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 1, and their dining options. However, what the restaurant should also be known for is their new ways and experimentation into becoming more sustainable and making use of the best of local produce, with help from Executive Chef ArChan Chan.

The Hong Kong-native Chef Chan, who spent a significant amount of her chef career in Melbourne and Sydney, attributes the time and experience to her philosophy of a produce-driven menu, and to take note of the seasons for exploring produce. This was something new to Chef Chan, who explains that the import of ingredients in Hong Kong meant that the layman did not necessarily know about seasonal ingredients. “We source whatever we can, with the best quality possible, and ask ourselves how we can make the ingredient shine,” she explains.  She goes through each of the dishes served today and throughout the demonstration, it is clear she pays special attention to each of the ingredients, with an emphasis on making sure that the star ingredient is showcased to great effect, all while finding innovative ways to encourage non-wastage. In LeVeL33, the new menu is centered around beer, like malt, spent grain and hops.  Chef Chan, for example, uses beer to cure the fish used for the Kingfish Sashimi, and the spent grains also go into food items like their risotto and their chocolate tart.

The World Gourmet Summit is proud to present LeVeL33 as a part of the February Restaurant Promotions. To find out more, please go to http://worldgourmetsummit.com/wgs2020/main.php.