A Fall To Enjoy At Pasta Bar!

A Fall To Enjoy At Pasta Bar! Pasta Bar's new offerings for the Fall will make you reminisce about falling leaves, warm flavours grounded in earthy ingredients, and well-loved dishes. 

Start off with antipasti such as their Housesmoked whipped buffalo milk ricotta, with creamy cheese that melts in your mouth along with delicate Parma ham and juicy sweet figs, all pulled together with balsamic vinegar and served on baked bread; as well as Vitello Tonnato, with braised veal tongue slice into near tissue like strips, served with a tuna and fried caper sauce.

The highlights, of course, stem from Pasta Bar's very own pasta dishes. To the team at Pasta Bar, nothing is more Italian and satisfactory than a bowl of pasta. Thus, Pasta Bar has created a space where anyone could enjoy a pasta dish, in the best way possible. With pasta handmade every day, using a variety of semolina and ‘00’ flours combined with whole eggs, egg yolks and water or a varying combination of these ingredients depending on the required texture, bite and intended use of the pasta, every dish is a different eating experience at Pasta Bar. 

We found this especially true when eating the Pumpkin Tortelli, a vegetarian dish that many would enjoy. From it's adorable wrapped shape, to the addition of Mostarda di fritta (candied fruit and a mustard-flavoured syrup), and nuts, and served with a butter and sage sauce, the result is a dish that's not overly sweet, and a great accompainment to the pasta shell that was cooked perfectly al dente. Fans of pasta who enjoy their tomato based pastas will enjoy the Orecchiette, made with stracciatella, pasta, spicy Italian pork sausage ragu using sausage made in-house, and Cavolo Nero (kale from Tuscany). 

Lastly, new desserts enter the menu include the Torta Barozzi, a flourless chocolate and almond cake drizzled with balsamic vinegar and served with Vanilla ice cream cake, as well as their  "Zeppole", similar to the donut holes of Italy, and made with chocolate and orange mascarpone, served with milk and orange gelato.

The entire fall menu is a win for all from start to finish, so get to Pasta Bar and enjoy the menu today!