A Taste of Kochi Vol 2 Delights People With Flavours of Citrus

A Taste of Kochi Vol 2 Delights People With Flavours of Citrus When you think of Japan, you think of the more obvious produce that goes along with it: fish, fresh fruit like strawberries and melon, and Japanese wagyu. However, do you know about the flavours of Kochi citrus fruits?

This was what the organizers of Taste of Kochi Vol 2 wanted people to know, and along with Chef Ivan Brehm (Appetite by Nouri), Kamil Foltan, (Indigenous Bartender HQ), and dessert chef Chef Janice Wong, they worked to bring out the best of Kochi to invited guests.

Members of the media were delighted to get a Taste of Kochi, taking the time to try the dishes made with various Kochi citrus fruits used in the menu.  Using ingredients such as Kochi bergamot, buntan, konatsu, and yuzu, Chef Brehm and Chef Wong took the opportunity to combine these flavours with products such as prawns, Spanish cod, salted caramel and green tea.

A special shout out goes to the Iberico pork loin, barley, kanzuri and Kochi yuzu risotto, which paired the meat with the sweet tang of yuzu by Chef Ivan Brehm, paired with Kanji, a cocktail made with Genmaicha-infused blended malt whisky, light miso, pineapple, Kochi bergamot & buntan juices and egg white,  made by Mr Foltan.

Guests were also able to end the meal with Zesty, a Konatsu yuzu cheeseball with salted caramel, bergamot snow, and finger lime, and Citrus Symphony, a honey caramelized parfait with liquid bergamot, milk tea bergamot ice-cream, and green tea yuzu cake.

For more information regarding produce from Kochi, please visit here

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