Enjoy #SlowFoodRealFast at Grain Traders

by Siti Zawani @ 16 Oct 2015
Enjoy #SlowFoodRealFast at Grain Traders Having only been open for slightly over a month, Grain Traders is slowly building a favourable reputation for being the ‘IT’ kid on the block. Situated at Market Street, right in the heart of the bustling CBD madness, it’s no typical casual salad stop.
It boasts a wide variety of grains, vegetables, starches, proteins – you name it – to fill you up good, without the crazy sugar spikes and mid-day food coma. You get to create your own bowl at $16 nett, with choices of a grain, a protein, a hot vegetable, 2 cold vegetables, a sauce and a topping. Or try their signature bowls, if you’re having a creative block. To check out their whole menu, head to www.grain-traders.com/ and join their revolution of #feedingpeopleright!