Ready-made Meal Fit For A King

by Felix Lim @ 12 Dec 2013
Ready-made Meal Fit For A King Chef Charlie Bigham, the man behind the company that makes exclusive ready-made meals has taken it one step further. Priced at £314.16, the Swish Pie, made with Cornish lobsters, fish poached in Dom Perignon 2003, edible gold leaf topping, white Alba truffles, Beluga caviar and served alongside a selection of oysters resting on mother-of-pearl spoons, is the most expensive ready-made meal ever. Many might think that the pie is excessive and in bad taste as the problem of food poverty continues to affect nations all over the world but Chef Bigham believes that “it is only a ‘drop in the ocean’ for customers accustomed to the finer things in life.”