More Men Looking to Cook

by Siti Zawani @ 06 Nov 2015
More Men Looking to Cook Men are joining cooking classes by the dozens. Men who cook are just so sexy, say the instructors. Jes, 31, who owns Buonissimo, a European cooking school here, says, "A man who knows his way around the kitchen can be attractive."

Jes says there has been a 30% increase in the number of men attending her classes compared to two years ago. Her class size is 15 students. The owner of the Food Playground cooking school, Mr Daniel Tan, 39, says the gender ratio in his classes has shifted too.

In fact, there are men-only cooking classes held at three community clubs presently. The first group at Geylang Serai Community Club started with 10 men and has grown to about 70. The groups meet regularly once a month or bi-monthly to learn how to cook restaurant dishes like chilli crab and assam fish head. Find out more about this growing trend at