Ready To Bid Farewell To Sichuan Cuisine?

by Rachel Lim @ 24 Jun 2016
Ready To Bid Farewell To Sichuan Cuisine? Sichuan cuisine is widely available in and out of China. In Chengdu - the heart of Sichuan Cooking - many older chefs are fighting to preserve the traditions in Sichuan Cuisine. "I was furious," chef Chen Baiming said with a grimace. The dish should be an uncluttered mix of chicken, peanuts, stubby dried red chiles and spices, he said. "Young chefs these days just don't understand what tradition is." A group of retired chefs formed the Sichuan Old Chef Traditional Artistry Society, where they aim to preserve their traditional recipes. However every cuisine comes to a point where innovation is needed in order for it evolved. To find out how these chefs are making changes, visit