Genuine French Excellence in Breads – Bridor

by Darinee Durai @ 14 Feb 2017
Genuine French Excellence in Breads – Bridor Bridor de France was established In 1988, near Rennes in Brittany. The family-owned Bridor Bakeries were founded by Louis le Duff, founding Chairman of the Le Duff Group (Brioche Dorée, Del Arte, Fournil de Pierre, La Madeleine, Ferme des Loges). Bridor set up in Quebec and then North America, supplying the North American market with suitable products and preparations.

From its beginnings as a Research Centre focusing on bakery manufacturing (CERFAB), Bridor de France eventually made a move to keep up with the increasing demand from the high-end market by introducing the production of frozen pastries.

Bridor also offers a wide selection of crispy golden baguettes and stone-baked loaves and rolls, aimed for hotel and catering professionals. Bridor takes the greatest care in selecting its flour – this must be of at least T65 category – to ensure high-quality deep-frozen bread made as traditionally as possible. Bridor is constantly engaged in research, devising products that are a skilful blend of health and wellbeing

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