‘The Final Table’ onboard Genting Dream

by CWA @ 11 Oct 2019
‘The Final Table’ onboard Genting Dream Australian chefs Mark Best and Shane Osborn showcased a riveting and spectacular performance during Netflix’s The Final Table, cooking up delectable dishes that made fans all over the world drool.

Dream Cruises welcomed fans of the show to relive The Final Table experience on board Genting Dream, where Chef Mark Best and Chef Shane treated passengers to an exclusive dinner, cooking demonstration and enrichment talks.

From left: Chef Shane Osborn; Chef Mark Best; Mr. Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises

Guests had the opportunity to savour a line-up of dishes that showcased the creativity of both chefs, with each dish telling a special story of the chefs’ culinary journey. Chef Osborn says “We both had a similar idea; more like a synergy on who was going to do the first course or the next, to ensure there is a flow to the menu,”, Chef Best continues, “We also look at where we are at, what is available at the time, what season is it; and work from there”.

From left: Chef Shane Osborn and Chef Mark Best

It was obvious from the menu: both chefs shared camaraderie, with mutual respect for each other’s craft and ideas. There was a steady flow in the dishes, each remaining light and not too overwhelming, so guests could be ready for the next.

This was the first time Chef Osborn cooked on board, and when asked about the new experience, he answers, “It is so much more different because the kitchen on board is like a Rolls Royce compared to my kitchen; it had all the great equipment. The kitchen team also were very professional, and there was effective communication and the team worked tirelessly. The level of support here exceeded my expectations on so many levels”.

For both chefs, they only hoped to achieve one goal through this experience – sharing their gastronomic ideas through their cooking. “These types of events bring magic and inspire both the team and guests; there is a cross-pollination of energy to share with our diners through our food. What I also love most about experiences like this is that we gain more knowledge, which disseminates to the team and then our guests”.

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