Steamed Scallop with Egg White & Black Moss

by Rachel Lim @ 02 Oct 2015
Steamed Scallop with Egg White & Black Moss 4 fresh scallops
150ml (each) egg whites and chicken stock
10g black moss, rehydrated
Salmon roe and flower petals, for garnishing

Hua Diao Sauce
10ml Hua Diao jiu (Chinese rice wine)
8ml chicken stock
4ml ginger juice
Salt and sugar, to taste

For the Hua Diao sauce: Whisk all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and set aside.

Place a fresh scallop into each scallop shell and spoon the Hua Diao sauce over. Set aside. Whisk the egg whites with the chicken stock in a mixing bowl and then spoon over the fresh scallops. Arrange the rehydrated black moss around the scallops, and steam in a prepared hot steamer for about 7 minutes. Remove the steamed scallops from the steamer and garnish with salmon roe and flower petals. Serves 4

*This recipe can be found in January-February 2015 Issue.