Egg white with grouper & conpoy

by Cristabel Chia @ 08 Jan 2016
Egg white with grouper & conpoy Cooking oil, for scalding and stir-frying
60g  grouper fillets, cut into strips
3  conpoy, steamed and slivered
8  egg whites
3 tbsp  chicken stock
½ tsp  hua diao jiu (Chinese rice wine)
½ tsp  salt
¼ tsp  sugar
           Potato starch solution, for thickening
1  egg yolk
1 tsp  black rice vinegar
Pepper powder, to taste
2  ginger slices, slivered

Heat a wok with cooking oil over a high heat until hot. Add in the grouper strips and scald briefly. Drain well and place into a mixing bowl. Add in the steamed slivered conpoy and egg whites and beat well. Reheat wok with cooking oil until hot.  Add in the beaten egg white mixture and stir-fry until egg whites begin to set. Set aside. Reheat wok with chicken stock until hot. Add in the hua diao jiu, salt and sugar and stir well. Return the egg white mixture into the wok and stir-fry briefly. Add in the potato starch solution and cook until sauce has slightly thickened.

Ladle the egg white with grouper and conpoy onto a serving plate and top with a egg yolk in the centre. Season with black rice vinegar and pepper powder, to taste.  Garnish with slivered ginger. Serves 4