pâté de grand-mère

by Olivia Tiboleng @ 03 Feb 2017
pâté de grand-mère 500g (each) pork belly and pork shoulder,    
 trimmed and cut into big pieces
60ml  port wine
40ml  cognac
50g  DB special mixed spices and salt
 Pink salt, freshly ground white
 pepper, sugar and nutmeg, to taste
1kg chicken livers, trimmed
 Salt, to taste
1 baguette (120g),
 torn into big pieces
200g heavy cream
35ml milk
5  whole eggs, lightly beaten
 A           bunch   of           Italian   fat-leaf  parsley,              
4  shallots, peeled, sliced and sautéed
 with duck fat
500g caul fat, divided
50g  pork fat
Pickles, mustard and toasted county
 bread slices, for serving
• Marinate the pork belly and shoulder
pieces with all the marinade ingredients in the refrigerator overnight.
• Season the chicken livers with salt, to taste and lightly press into a perforated saucepan.
• Soak the baguette pieces with the heavy
cream, milk, beaten whole eggs, and
chopped flat-leaf parsley  in a   mixing  bowl.   
Keep chilled in the refrigerator overnight.
• Place the sautèed shallots, the marinated
pork belly and shoulder, seasoned
chicken livers and soaked baguette
pieces into a meat grinder and grind to
a rustic paste.
• Line two terrine moulds with the caul fat. Add in the grinded pâté and cover the top with the remaining caul fat. Set
aside the terrines for about 2 hours and
then      place     into       a             water-bath         baking  pan.
Bake      in           a             pre-heated         oven      at          
155°C until internal temperature reaches
63°C. Remove and weigh down the chilled terrines and refrigerate overnight.

Unmould the terrines and warm the sides with a blowtorch. Gently      flip the  terrines onto a cutting board and then cut into thick slices with a sharp knife. Serve with pickles, mustard, and toasted country bread slices. Makes 2 terrines