Lime Mousse with Raspberry Coulis & Strawberry

by Darinee Durai @ 05 Jul 2017
Lime Mousse with Raspberry Coulis & Strawberry 400g strawberries, hulled and wedged
Icing sugar for sprinkling
Red chocolate curls, for garnishing
Raspberry Coulis
90g raspberries
10g sugar
Lime Mousse
500g (each) cream and brown sugar
1 lime zest
5g gelatine sheets, bloomed

For the raspberry coulis: Place raspberries and sugar into a food processer and pulse to a purée. Strain the raspberry coulis and set aside.

For the lime mousse: Heat cream, brown sugar, and lime zest in a saucepan over a medium heat to a boil. Add
in the bloomed gelatine while stirring constantly until gelatine has dissolved. Pour the lime mixture among 5 serving glasses and keep chilled.

Remove chilled lime mousse from the refrigerator and top with raspberry coulis. And in strawberry wedges and sprinkle with icing sugar. Garnish with red chocolate curls.

*Makes 5 glasses